The Wiggin sisters Philosophy of the world - track 6


I'm so happy when you're near
I'm so sad when you're away
I've been happy almost every day
Now that you're here to stay

But when you have to leave
Then I'll start to grieve

Every week you have to go
Every time it's a different road
I never know what to do
I'm so lonesome without you

When you're far away
You are always in my dreams
And when you're home to stay
We make a perfect team

It's so hard to have to wait for you
To ride into the gate
But when you get there
We have many news and feelings to share

I know it has to be
I know it can't be changed
But sometimes I think we are
Completely insane

If we could see each other more
It wouldn't be so bad
If we could only find the open door
We wouldn't be so sad

So until we find the right door
You'll have to leave again
And once more both our lives will be
Very dim